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House Paints Articles

'even I Don't Understand My Paintings . . . I Am Beholden To Them'

JOSHUA YELDHAM is haunted by owls. They swoop silently on him in his dreams. They call to each other above his head when he's in the bush. He thinks about them, draws them and paints them obsessively.

Youth Pains - Not Kosher

Indignation Philip Roth (Random House, $45)

Home On The Grange

A talented artist and surfer, as well as winemaker, Tom Rileyis set to cultivate a national icon, writes Winsor Dobbin.


NESS was not my second mother: at 40 years my senior, she could have been my second grandmother. But she was neither of those. She was my friend. She lived next door in a dusty old house surrounded by an unkempt garden. Ness was not religious in the conventional sense, more

Fugitive Paints A Tough Life Without His Sports

Bugged conversations show a supergrass is missing his footy and horse racing, writes Steve Butcher.